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Auth and Sessions

I think it’s time to bring the guestbook to the next level, and that means users and sessions. This post will show you how to handle user registration and authentication. Let’s get started!

Template Usage and Internals

I’ve seen many tutorials on the internet about how to use templates in Go. They typically concentrate on the syntax of the template and don’t go in to the details of how they’re constructed and used in Go code. That’s why this article is about what a template really is, and how to use them in your code.

Painless Web Handlers in Go

Last time we made a little guestbook application, but there were a couple pain points. We had to have some boiler plate at the top of all of the handlers, and errors were handled by copying the same line of code everywhere. We also had fixed url paths hard coded in handlers and templates. Let’s see how we can fix that.

Quick and Clean in Go

After reading a neat article whose title I stole about making a guestbook app in Flask, I decided to see how it would compare to my favorite language of the year, Go. So here’s my take.